Networks of Change

Program Overview

Networks of Change - Program Overview

Our programs help human rights advocates and issue-focused groups promote social change by advancing communication innovations, engaging communities and producing quality information. Networks of Change educates and informs our local partners and helps them better defend human rights in their countries.

Independent media plays a crucial role in promoting social change by providing a platform for marginalized voices to be heard. Through their commitment to producing quality information, independent media empower human rights advocates and issue-focused groups to amplify their messages and engage communities in meaningful dialogue. Networks of Change recognizes the importance of supporting independent media and works closely with them to ensure that accurate and unbiased information reaches the public.

See one of our partners building public awareness against violence against women in Pakistan using radio.

Networks of Change exists to:

  • promote and defend human rights
  • support freedom of expression and independent media
  • strengthen democratic values
  • promote accountability and transparency from governments
  • strengthen the work of civil society groups and activists

Program Services

Producing Quality Media

We equip our partners with the skills to produce high quality media and disseminate it to better inform and educate their target audiences. Our technical trainings enable local journalists and activists to design reporting and production ventures, using the latest and most appropriate communication tools geared to their needs and long-term efforts. We provide independent media practitioners with the essential expertise and resources to produce influential content.ation tools geared to their needs and long-term efforts.

Mobilizing for Change

Whether a local partner chooses to produce a documentary to tell their story, publish a blog, air a weekly podcast or radio show, or expose human rights abuses using investigative journalism techniques, Networks of Change is there with them. We guide our independent media partners as they take their new skills and move ideas into action.

Strengthening Organizations

The ability of groups to achieve their goals is intrinsically tied to their ability to effectively operate internally. Recognizing that building the capacity of organizations is a never-ending process, Networks of Change stands ready to help our partners put in place the building blocks to develop into more robust entities that are better able to achieve their missions.

Facilitating Collaborations

We believe that social transformation requires widespread participation, buy-in and demand for accountability. Using the latest communication tools, Networks of Change links individuals across different issues and interests so they can form broad-based alliances for change and reach out more effectively to both their constituents and the power structures.