Networks of Change

Networks of Change

Networks of Change

 is a social justice organization working with local civil society groups to advance open and accountable democracies and promote human rights, using traditional, social and new media. Social justice organizations operate at various levels, from grassroots initiatives to international movements, and address a wide range of issues. Networks of Change believes that social equity and fairness thrive when people are informed and engaged. 

What We Do

Networks of Change drives social progress by bringing together the power of reliable information with media and technology to spur communities to act. Media and technology enable social justice organizations to reach wider audiences, mobilize support and amplify messages. Our programs span a range of sectors, focusing on political and legal reform, access to education, resource allocation, and women and minority rights.

Our strength is positioning ourselves at the nexus between specialty content, reporting and savvy dissemination. We collaborate with a broad network of efforts in communities around the world that share our vision for a just world. By leveraging partnerships, social justice organizations amplify impact, share resources and collaborate towards common goals. With our partners, Networks of Change develops tailored media and outreach strategies that take on some of the world’s most challenging problems.


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Ending Violence Against Women

Media reporting on violence against women is not an ordinary assignment for a journalist. It is a sensitive and complex issue involving deeply embedded social attitudes and unique challenges. In their reporting, media has the power to shape conversations and people’s perceptions.

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